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A. Entry: Prayer

There have been interesting approaches through the years, e.g., Meister Eckhart said [I have not checked the sources and heard about it when listening to ETV, February 2012, Talk, min 38-40] "If your only prayer were to say ‘Thank you‘ for the rest of your life, that would be enough".

True prayer is something more profound than the mere saying of words and than what one often may encounter in institutionalised forms of faith.

I believe that True Prayer is about BEING THAT what IS.

As to the subject, cf. int. al.


Joel S. Goldsmith, 4. Lehrbrief des 1. Jahrgangs der Zeitschrift des “Weges zur Verwirklichung” [I am not sure, whether this, in English, would be the fourth monthly letter of the first year or something else, please ask the publisher.]


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