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: Qi

"Qi" [氣] (jap. "Ki" [気]), is energy.

There are various sorts of qi, and the "cruder" ones can be transformed onto "higher levels" by Inner Alchemy (Qi Gong) or Yoga or other methods (cf. here!), cf. the various works of Mantak Chia, also see here, with further references, and the works of Hua-Ching Ni.

Also see Eckhart Tolle on ETV, April 2012 edition, 121111qa02_manipulate_728k.mp4, between / from minuten 7 and 8, who describes Qi or Shakti [I would have to check whether my way of using the words and Eckhart Tolles are entirely the same, but if shakti is seen as one "sort" of qi, it might be correct anyway] as "the bridge between the manifested physical world and the unmanifested formlessness" and explains that further (listen to get the explanation!).

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