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Thank you for going to join!

Motivational Poems

× Yes, I want to give it a try. I will join by donating an amount of money (or gold : ) : ) : ) ) I deem adequate for what I receive and will receive a poem (more or less *) each week  in my mailbox. I will also be able to access it online. (*)

I will also have the right to call you any time I see you with your status being “green” in Skype (I will receive your ID on request), when I feel you could help me with an individual extra poem or saying right then, and it intuitively seems ok to.

(*) There will be times when the author will have no access to his website. He will still send you one by mail, then, if he can. If he can't, you will get the same amount of weeks after the end of your subscription as an extension, until the proper number of days shall be reached (details here).

(leads to signing up)

Consider the Luxury Offer

If you would rather prefer paying a regular fixed sum, I can offer two modalities:

If you would like to get your poems at a fixed, but incredibly advantageous price, you can either express your interest in that possibility. To avoid being sad about a lack of signups when really dedicating a lot of effort to my work, I would start that model only with enough people interested to make it sustainable.

With your expression of interest, no obligations are connected, and you will receive only two emails from me: one for confirming your expression, and the other, when the service will start or replaced by a new model.

× Yes, I would like to express my interest and be notified, when the service starts.

Oh, and... I am not just trying to collect email-addresses for other commercial activities, I simply would not feel great to have to write a poem each day when my income would not support my efforts enough to make me happy, too... As a happy writer, I can be much more motivational !

Thus, please do express your interest, and let's hope enough will do that.

Or you could immediately signup for my luxury special offer”.

× I am too impatient to wait and would like to book a  special service already now.

Curious ? Click at the link for a description of the offers to learn more !

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