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Terms & Conditions

1. Special Rules for this Service

a. If you join, i.e. sign up for the service, will get, for a donating what you deem adequate (or would like to let me have : ) ), or, if that is implemented, at a fixed price, you will get a weekly poem or motivational / (hopefully) helpful words each week for the period of your subscription.

If you choose the regular offer, you will receive the poem by email or will be able to view it online, if you ask for the URL and will have internet access which allows you to view the page.

There will be times when the author will have no access to his website. He will still send you one by mail, then, if he can. If he cannot (or simply needs a break), you will get the remaining poems even after the end of the month for which you have subscribed, i.e. an extension, until the proper number of weeks and poems shall be reached.

If you choose one of the luxury offers, you will receive the texts by the medium specified in the agreement. Due to the nature of postal services around the world, a promise that you definitely will really receive a postcard or letter each day, cannot be given. Yet, you will receive at least as many postcards or letters within your subscription as there are full weeks in a month.

The subscription period will be one month, unless we will have a different agreement. After that, you are free to renew, which the author would appreciate.

All offers include calling me whenever you see me with my status being “green” in Skype (I will give you my ID on request), when you feel I could help you with an individual extra poem or saying right then.

b. Copyrights shall remain with the author exclusively. So please do not publish the poems anywhere, be it off- or online, without the author’s – a lawyer’s ! – explicit consent in written, non-virtual form, i. e. the good old letter.

c. The author is a poet. Yet, his native tongue is not English. So grammar and spelling may not always be perfect. But he hopes you will be satisfied.
There may be, though the author believes that will be an exception, days, when the poem is in a language other than English. In these cases, he shall provide for an English translation.

d. Prices may change, if the author should find the current scheme not to be sustainable. Nevertheless, the price for which you have subscribed will, for you, not change during the month or period, for which you have subscribed, of course. Because regular subscriptions automatically end after 1 month, that should not be a problem, for you can always decide anew. No strings attached!

If you should like the service, though, please feel free to tell others about it. That will enable prices to stay low.

e. All prices include taxes, including the value-added tax / VAT (“Mehrwertsteuer”) in German. There is nothing to be paid for handling, postage or packing (if the latter should happen).

f. Prices in some currencies may diverge. But you can always go back to currency selection and choose one that suits you.

g. The offers may be discontinued at any time without prior notice. Yet, the author will fulfill his obligations from the subscriptions even after that, until they will have expired, as far as circumstances should allow. (Otherwise it would be a case of a fundamental change of circumstances / frustration of contract (clausula rebus sic stantibus) anyway, but the author hopes, that this should not happen.

These terms may change at any time. Please be sure to check. For the subscription you make, of course, the terms will apply in the form given at the time of your subscription. No need to worry.

II. General Terms

For my general terms, these, also containing the privacy rules, apply for this website, too, in addition to those given sub I., as far as applicable. In case there should be a contradiction (yet, I believe there is not), those sub I. take precedence.

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