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I. Introduction

I prefer to remain anonymous.
My name I do give - but my face not, for now.
Important be the messages you receive.
That, and what you take from it/them.

Be at peace, my friends,
for here does speak the Truth for you;
for thou, thou art truly blessed.

Be and, always, be at peace !                                                   

II. Channelling

1. In General

"Channelling" (B.E., in A. E. "Channeling") usually means to bring to our plane information from other planes of existence.

Ideally, this is done to help and assist the population of earth.

2. Services I Offer

I offer various channelling-services and services based on channeling:

- Channellings, Advice:
- Individualised Poems and fictional Stories:
- Texts for Songs (Texts for Composers):

If you are curious, if you feel I or my channelling can help you, or if you simply need advice, please have a look !