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For now, you can have a look at the Christmas song „O du selige, selige Weihnachtszeit.g


It has been sung in the town of Waldau, which is situated close to Königsbergs/Pr. in East Prussia, in the „Lehrerseminarg. That has been a place (you can still visit the building, it is a sort of castle) where future teachers have been educated, and during this education this sog has been sung. The composer and the poet are unknown to the writer at the time of writing this page. But it would be a pitty not to have this song known.


If you are interested in the music of Herbert Maraun (Lieder, Schlager, Singspiel „Die zertanzten Schuheg, some poems as well) who also has done the setting of the song linked above, please contact this adress.



Interesting songs and music in general – please observe the disclaimer - are, for example,, and And I would also like to put a link to  to say thank you for a good inspiration, which I might do via e – mail next year with further information as well.












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                                        Licht und Heil in Ewigkeit. Licht und Heil in Ewigkeit. Licht und Heil in Ewigkeit.