This website offers a couple of information of Peace. Peace is, in fact, one of the core-subjects of this site, even if not always named as such.

The links on the right side only cover the more explicit articles related to peace on this website.

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Peace related subjects on this site
I. Human Dignity and International Law. Man, Justice and Peace. Dissertation.

II. Man, Justice and Peace: Knowing Oneself and Knowing the Others as a Basis for Peace in the Order of Law and the World:
Speech held at Keimei Gakuen, May 10th, 2003
official version.
2. version with more
extensive footnotes and quotations

III. Vegetarianism and Why it Matters. Vegetarianism and other alternative Ways of Human Sustenance and their Contribution towards Harmony, Peace and Love.

IV. You can also ask the angels for help (On D. Virtue's youtube-page is a
prayer; if necessary, I think you can adapt the words slightly if it fits better for you)

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