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A few Bonus Poems

Here are a few examples of poems you might receive. Their length may vary (these where originally written for a daily plan), longer as well as shorter ones ones and motivational sentences instead of poems may equally occur. It depends on what I feel that you (as a group, or, occasionally, someone out of it) may "need". (In truth, YOU are already free. YOU need nothing. You just need to realise that, I believe.)

Tell me not, you cannot do;
for you always can.
Life is here, for you, my friend.
Life is always here.

Yes, I love you, speaks your angel;
flying high the sparks of light;
flying high, my friend, your angel
guides you, and, side by side

you wander through the oceans,
through the stars thou shalt appear,
yes, my friend, for you emotions
are not worthy but one tear.

Remark: Now, about that one you would have to meditate, what it means...

Light is in you. Light without
as it is within. Come my friend, come !
Life is within !

Peace be thee, peace is me,
ev’rything is peace alone.
Friend – come !
Your sun has shone;
and, yes, it shall shine again.
Love is Life, dear friend.

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