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The current set of pages is an online-addition to some of my articles or other publications which have originally been publisehd in print and has been developed for the convenience of the readers of the printed material. By giving some of the references quoted in the foot-note-section of the articles online, you can access them more easil.

Please note that the sources are not necessarily always scientific versions – but, after all, who says that in the world the most important thing is science in its current average understanding ? Important is getting the essence. And that can be understood in various ways. There are many doors to the Truth.

Currently, the following references are given in this directory:

Eddic Texts

- Eddic Texts (To access the original Article to which this is an addition online, please log in here.)

Problems of Genetic Engineering

- [The links as to information on the advisability of prevention of genetic engineering are offline.]

Fairy Tales

- A short overview over German Fairy Tales is here (Japanese version here). (To access the original article to which this can be seen as an addition online, please log in here.)