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Eddic Texts online: Quality or Appropriateness of Translations                                                                                                                         
If using a translation of a sacred text, using the right translation is especially important. "Right", that can mean (and does mean, if the approach is spiritual) the "right" one for you, that which helps you in the optimal way. For scientific purposses, though, you might also want to look at correctness and completeness of the text. Furthermore, the literal quality of the text might be important. If you are looking for inspiration, try and follow your intuition. If you are looking for the mentally graspable foundations of belief, check for completeness and correctness of transmission and translation.

Furthermore, not all transmitted versions of the Edda are totally identical, there are divergences e. g. between the Codex Regius  (in photography here) and the Hauksbók.

Here are links to pages containing some ideas as to that question. Please observe this and the  the disclaimer. Those addresses which are not links, you can copy and paste into your browser.

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· (see "Ausgaben und Übersetzungen")
· The table at might also be of interest.

The author finds these information interesting. He might not agree with everything. Especially, to find out, whether one book or the author is really of no value (or might be of much value), it might be advisiable to trust one's intuition more that what is being said from a certain perspective.