Why ?

Well... A Blog tends, sort of, "cry out"... Blog ! Write into me ! Pleeeeeeeease !

Uhm. Of course, it usually probably does not cry. But something else is there, that might leave you no peace, if you blog and still do have a mind.
Right, the mind.

It tends to try and cling to things, to boost itself through regarding things as parts of itself and trying to augment itself through that.
(For looking into this idea deeper, have a look here.) So, if one is not really awake, if one does not really pay attention, it might just be another story of "me"... which is not the true SELF. There are probably ways to have a blog without necessarily falling into that trap. But one has to be very careful, as long as egoic tendencies still exist, I suppose.

Disappointed ?

Don't be.
Be happy to know the Truth, instead. Truth is always fine.

Still, if you would like to read anything written by me even if it is not a blog, the most close thing to that currently might be my Twitter account. You could also just go to my Homepage. Or my poetry / songwriting resp. songtexting homepage. (Question: Is that SEO ? Reply: Incidently, maybe.). Or the News-Section of either my Central Homepage or of my sort of "I write poetry for you" - Homepage here. Actually, after having written that, more, probably, to get a wordpress-account to comment on a friend's blog, I got a blog. But, then, I will probably use it very very rarely. If at all. Hiterto, I have not used it.

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