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I. Books

I think the following books – there are many others, of course, so this selection is just what it is, a selection, not implying that other books are not at least equally important to be read; I would like to also stress that I do not agree with everything stated in these books or texts, e. g. against some information in the books of Tolle  (albeit the stillness is relatively easily accessible) through the works of E. Tolle – I would like to hint at and stress the possibilty of  having unlimited and in a sense everlasting life on the physical plain as well – should be read by every teacher (I list two of them, there are more excellent ones written by him, not all are listed here):

-  Tolle, Eckhart: The Power of Now. Hodder & Stoughton. (ISBN: 0340733500) (info)

-  Tolle, Eckhart: A New Earth. (ISBN-10: 0525948023, ISBN-13: 978-0525948025) (info). In this book, there is a chapter on education. Although it seems to
   be more directed to parents, there are important hints
which might be applicable to the relationship between teacher and student as well.

-  Hawkins, David R.: Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Hay House. (ISBN: 1-56170-933-6).  
    Although there is also a German version [Hawkins, David R.: Von der Kraft, die wir ausstrahlen. VAK], I recommend, at least additionally, reading the English
    one, since it is stronger and newer. – I have, at the time of writing this, only read the beginning, but it seems to be very strong and promissing indeed.)
    books as to kinesiology can be found here.

Stratton-Porter, Gene: Michael O'Halloran. [In: The Libary of Indiana Classics.] Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press 1995.

For those interested in a sort of  perfect outline of spiritual "levels of experience" and explantions for quite a lot of questions, please have a look in the  Franklin Merrell-Wolff's "Experience and Philosophy" described on this page. If you are still longing for more, maybe this page might help – meanwhile, I offer a much larger overview in my "Library", though, also see here.

II. Articles, Interviews and other Media

Also, I would recommend reading this link in German. For English, there is a great podcast series with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah here.

There is an interesting article by Rudolf Steiner in German here.

Also view ETV October 2012, 041112_02_qa03_pride_728k.

In ETV March 2013, 090912qa02_imagination_728k mentions a book where an author shows that deeper creative answers do not come from group work, but from individuals sitting alone in a room, so to speak.

Furthermore: School of Awakening: How to Observe and Transform the Energy of Emotions (Part 3).

III. Ideas on Teachers’ Tasks

I think that an important task of a teacher is not to "fill" a child with knowledge of the head (intellect), but to uncover the capability of receiving true knowledge in an instant. Infusing "learning" does not mean "wisdom", and learning without wisdom is to be avoided in the interest of the de-velopment of the world as well as of realizing reality in its highest sense..

There is no thing you cannot teach
if you do open up,
whatever be your destiny,
it is to work, the silent pub
of yore is gone, in silence be
a star for everyone - here is your work, your destiny:
it is the teaching One.


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