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This is my(*) central homepage, linking to others and providing a space to display an overview over services I offer, projects on which I am or have been working and information I consider worth imparting or simply potentially interesting. Many will be connected to the esoteric or spiritual, to the realm of consciousness.

(*) Do not ask for names or love,
from the spirits or the world.
For a giver thou must be -
come and get thy sword!
To the mountains thou must wander,
take your rest and then restart.
Love there is, for you to ponder,
just reveal yourself to start.

I. Services and Project-Portal

• If you are interested in getting channelings, individualised spiritual poems, advice or coaching for happiness and prosperity and / or  peace, please click here for an overview, if you like.

•  Furthermore, I give recommendations for (mainly) spiritual and esoteric books, also treating books about healing and alternative medicine.

• I offer a Spiritual Encyclopaedia [at the time of writing this having covered a couple of words – but a start is a start]

• I also have got a blog.

II. Various further Subjects (also treated deeply sometimes  )

I have also collected information on a variety of subjects. I have classified the subjects a little bit, but, of course, classifications do overlap relatively often.

N.B.: Some of the more earlier pages have been created without the best formatting tools. Therefore, if you encounter difficulties in reading them, changing the encoding in your browser (e.g. to Japanese or Chinese) might help. Where there are various file-types, .pdf and .doc-files might provide "cleaner" layouts than html-files.

• Australia

This section is, in fact, in German, but contains links to a lot of English websites – so you could try and use it with the help of Google Translator, for instance, if you are looking for information about moving to and living in Australia.

• Education

Books every teacher should have read

Should you always follow advice?

• Tibet 

Freeing the Panchen Lama: Help finding him (there is a relatively high reward, by the way)

• Human Dignity and International Law, Man, Justice and Peace


Human Dignity and International Law - Man, Justice and Peace

Man, Justice and Peace: Knowing Oneself and Knowing the Others as a Basis for Peace in the Order of Law and the World

• Literature and Germanic Religion

My poetical works

Fairy Tales: You can choose to read the .doc or .html format.

Eddic Texts (Germanic Religion)
(This is, in fact, an addition to the text mentioned below.)

Germanic Religion and German Literature
I have also published a comprehensive overview overview over German literature and Germanic religon in a series of articles in a Japanese publication. Former (or, possibly, current) students of mine can access these articles with the appropriate login-information either here or here. If you know me and are interested in the information, just ask for access.

• International Exchange

International Exchange by means of art as a simple and effective way of promoting international relations: You can choose the .doc or .html (for reading, please set the encoding of your browser to Japanese [Shift JIS] format).

If, for some reason, by the way, you are looking for a school in Japan to go there as an exchange student, you might consider Keimei Gakuen in Haijima (Akishima), Tokyo.

• Music

A German Christmas song and links to some other music

• Health and Healing (please do read the disclaimer first)

Protection against electronic smog

• Vegetarianism

For various articles, please go here.

• Technology and Privacy

Although originally developed in order to let clients and students now how they can contact me and how to profit from my coaching sessions and lessons, my overview over some messenger, particularly videochat tools might also be of general help, so I have given the link here.

• Further Subjects, including Information about Internet-Topics and for Webmasters

If you follow or browse through my blogs, you will find a variety of articles, including articles on internet and webmaster-directed topics.

• Sites to Support

If you wish to do good things:

Here, I set a few links to projects where I would be happy if you could decide to support them (but, please, only as far as no harm to animals is done; the Seashepherd, for instance, only serves vegetarian meals on board, which is quite good).

Protect whales, dolphins and sea lions or seals: http://www.seashepherd.org/

Support the Tibetans: see the Tibet - links above, one example to support is e.g. this one.

If ever you should have become a billionaire, please feel free to support my endeavours, too, if you like. - By the way, already since I became friends with some foreign artists, I have had the idea of a  project for the promotion of the arts. If you should be interested in such a project, please let me know, be it now or later.

•  News: For news and a schedule of events, click here.

For even more information, please, additionally, also visit the German pages. There, there is also an overview over various articles I have written, some in German, some in other languages. To read the German content, a greater part of which is about spiritual aspects, if you should not speak German, I recommend using a translation site, e.g. the Google Language Tools or Deepl.

Also, there is a link-section. Again, it is in German, but since many of the links themselves lead to English sites, you could check them out if you feel like doing it. But please only choose the links you really feel inspired or urged to.

And for then even more information (some of which are in English again), I would also recommend going to my login-section, if you have got access, and there, again, visit the English as well as the German language version.

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