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Here, I present some of my projects in the form of asking you questions. Please click at the links to access the related special sites, if you would like to find out more.

Currently, however, quite a few of my sites linked here are offline. If you would like to receive an email, once they are up again, please do let me know.

Alas, due to the GDPR I took my websites offilne in 2018. I am currently working on making some of them comply and bringing them back online, but it is an arduous and long process. Therefore, possibly well into  2023 or in some cases even longer, many of the links below may lead nowhere, so to speak. Nevertheless, please do try, some of them will be back, and others
still later. Just check once a year or so : )
If you like, you can also simply sent me a request to bring back a specific website more early, if you wish to view it. Feel free to let me know!

In the meantime, please have a look at my newest site and offers at

New is also, although in German (but services can be provided in English, feel free to use Google Translate or in order to get an impression of the service)

Else, you can find the following offers here:

: ) Channelling

If you are looking for channelled messages, please click here.

: ) Poems, Fairy Tales and other Texts written especially for your !

Would you like to have a have a poem or a fairy tale written especially for you ? (If you can read German, also feel free to look here.) It can also be a good way to reflect upon oneself.

: ) Help, Advice and Motivation through Poetry.

Find a motivational poem or word in your inbox each week.

I originally had thought to make it each day but I seemed to not really feel at ease with it. I hope this is right now.

: ) Your Possibilities 
Your Potential

I will help you with exploring and realising your potential, your possibilities in life (Website currently in German, but just have a look through it e.g. with Google Translate, or simply contact me for details - and, of course, I can provide services to you in English!).

: ) Texts for your Songs, for your Music

Are you a musician looking for texts to be put into music ? I would like to write it for you, or to counsel you, if you drop me a mail.

: ) Domain Names Names for your Projects

If you do your own projects, yet are wondering how to find a creative or snappy name for them - have a look at my offer for devising domain names or names for the people living in your novels or stories, just to give some examples.

: ) Help with Happiness

Or are you looking for happiness ?

: ) Good Spiritual Books

And if you would like to buy spiritual or esoteric books, just follow the link.

: ) Be Prosperous

Even prosperity you might find. (Also see here.)

: ) Be at Peace

And - Peace.