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Preliminary Remark

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A. Introduction


If you do not know certain terms, please look them up in the internet or the respective literature. If you do not find the books mentioned, and you should know me personally, you can ask me. If not, you can try to find them in the gDeutsche Bibliothekh in Frankfurt or any other library, e. g. like the gInstitut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygieneh of the University of Freiburg in Germany. As to the titles, I have tried to give the English ones as well, but sometimes I could just guess which German title was which English one, so please, if necessary, make sure for yourself. I have not always given all data in a bibliographically perfect way.


Furthermore, please be aware that some of the webpages referred to may just be in German. If you would like to read them nevertheless, please use an online translation programme as you will find it by going to google or babelfish by altavista etc.


Please accept the Disclaimer first.



B. Methods of Protection


Against the radiation of computers, cellphones and other electronic devices (in Japan, for example, I think, a special problem might be the electricity wires etc. above the earth), there are various methods of protection. You probably can apply the principles to any of those devices. The methods are not strictly separate; as unity is the basic principle of life, they are forming a continuum.


I. Methods to find out if and to what degree the protection methods given under II. might work in your case


You can find out for yourself which method works best either by clairvoyance, Kinesiology or intuition. Since in some places gKinesiologyh might not be too well known, I would like to give some hints:


a. Two of the best books


Two of the best books about gKinesiologyh that have come to my attention so far are

- Klinghardt, Dietrich: Lehrbuch der Psycho - Kinesiologie. Ein neuer Weg in der psychosomatischen Medizin. Institut für Neurobiologie. Juni 2005.  (ISBN: 3980897206 ).


I am not sure whether it has been published in English, but the author lives in America, so perhaps you might contact him by his e - mail adress) (In case it is still correct, otherwise look for him in the internet, e. g. using Possible sites to contact him                      might be and

By the way, I found but did not read  yet the follwing webpage which perhaps might also be interesting (and has become an archived version now, so try to get the actual versions of the links referred to): 

- Hawkins, David R.: Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Hay House. (ISBN: 1-56170-933-6)

(Although there is a German version [Hawkins, David R.: Von der Kraft, die wir ausstrahlen. VAK], I recommend, at least additionally, reading the English one, since it is stronger and newer. – I have, at the time of writing this, only read the beginning, but it seems to be very strong and promissing indeed.)

His website is



b. Other books


Other books include - I have given the English titles as far as I have been able to get them from the Internet -


aa) Basics


              - Diamond, John: Der Körper lügt nicht, Freiburg im Breisgau: Verlag für Angewandte Kinesiologie 2001 (ISBN: 3-924077-00-2 )


              (English title probably gYour Body Doesnft Lie: How to Increase Your Life Energy Through Behavioral Kinesiologyh, ISBN: 0446358479)


              By the way: also very good is


              - Diamond, John: Die heilende Kraft der Emotionen, Freiburg im Breisgau: Verlag für angewandte Kinesiologie, 2001 (ISBN: 3-924077-02-9)


               (English title maybe gLife Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotionsh, ISBN: 1557782814).



              - Goldschmidt, Annemarie: Hellwach und voller Energie durch den Alltag. Kirchzarten bei Freiburg: VAK 2. Auflage 1999. (I am not sure at the

              time of writing this, whether maybe the title actually was „Alles klar mit Kinesiologie. Hellwach und voller Energie durch den Alltag.g In the                     latter case, the ISBN could be 3932098064.)



bb) Technique


              - Keding - Pütz, Christa: Gesund durch analytische Kinesiologie. Der Muskeltest als Brücke zu ganzheitlicher Heilung. Wiesbaden: Dr. Werner

                Jopp 1998, resp. Oesch Verlag 2005 (ISBN: 3-03-505019-8)



cc) Movements/Techniques for balancing or compensation


Besides the books already mentioned:


              - da Silva, Kim and Rydl, Do - Ri: Energie durch Bewegung. Kinesiologische Übungen für die ganze Familie. München: Knaur 2000 (ISBN:



             - da Silva, Kim and Rydl, Do - Ri: Kinesiologie. Das Wissen um die Bewegungsabläufe in unserem Körper. Die Koordination von
                Gesetzmäßigkeiten und innerer Ordnung, die uns ins Gleichgewicht bringt. Mit zahlreichen Fotos und Zeichnungen. München: Knaur 2000
ISBN: 3-426-87072-X ).


              - Rochlitz, Steven: Why Do Music Conductors Live into Their 90's? : The Simple, Revolutionary Discovery That Can Make You Live Longer,

               Increase Your Stamina & Stretch and Normalize your Blood Pressure in Minutes. (cf.; ISBN 0-945262-42-6)

If you are looking for English books about the subject, just enter gkinesiologyh with or



c) Kinesiolgy - aspects


I would also like to add the following short description which is more or less a rough translation of a short text by Martin Ruschemeier, a German I came to know (he teaches at the Volkshochschule Paderborn, and if you should happen to be in that area, it could be worth meeting him):


All body, behavioural, relationship-, mobbing-, learning- and similar disturbances are a result of disturbances of the energy system (aura, chakras, meridians) and misprogramming of the cellular, atomic, subatomic (photons, electrons, psycho quanta as described by Jean Chaaron) of the inner data fields. By using kinesiology and radionics you can find those disturbances and eliminate them to a large extent by special exercises.




II. Methods of Protection


1. Protection by technical devices, flower essences and other gessencesh


a.  Ampullae


There are two ampullae you can carry with you which protect according to the description against the following problems:


gESAh against electrosmog of any kind (e. g. mobile phones, computer, television set, walkman, radio, watches etc.)


„LEAg („Super – Ampullag) to increase and stabilize your life energy, to increase by 35 % is possible.


You can get it from


Dr. med. Dipl. - Ing. K. Eikemeier


Beauty Medical Institute


Hoffmannshof 3

30659 Hannover



Tel. 0511/6463537

Fax: 0511/649126  


 (Well, just as an additional remark: They are expensive, but they are worth the money. Nevertheless, It is possible to make copies. I have never done it myself, but I could tell you how it works in case that should be ok for you. Even if not, it could be helpful to know how to make a copy of essences anyhow, I think.)



b. Raymaster


See English website under (seems to have moved to and been renamed) – Useful device.





A device that also protects against electronic smog and maybe other things. If you donft find it on the net (I did not – the only link was minec) please ask. There should be a way of getting it. It was sold in Germany some time ago and should still be being sold.



d. Energy globe by Baronin von Reden


A very beautiful (and very expensive) globe which protects against electronic smog. It is really a beautiful device : ) one could really be inclined to likec  Picture and products at


e. The Evdan-Regulator

You can obtain it at, where you will also find a description (lookg sub "Produkte"). If you need to have one covering your whole house, please ask directly (!) its creator or those who really know about it, which device to use or obtain (the "Industrieregulator" ?)


f. Flower Essences


To stabilize your energy field, flower essences might also be of help (Bach Flowers, California Flower Essences, Himalayan Flower Essencesc).



g. Other sources


You will find a lot of other devices searching the internet. In Germany, you will find them in magazines like gRaum und Zeith or gZeitenschrifth (; – The first site is only in German, so you would have to use an online translation machine as provided for free by various website like this one). 



2. Protection by intaking light


(You can protect yourself by getting accustomed to it and direction of perception:)


a. Let light in the appropriate colour, e. g. Golden or white (white imagined as the bearer of all the colours of the rainbow) flow via the crown of the head into the aura and the body.

(You can work with the crown chakra or just imagine a beam of light coming from above and radiate into your energy field and your body [charge your cells / fill all your cells with it]).


Here and for the information below, please note: You can also use the light which is „appropriate/good/helpful in the respective caseg. Just say exactly what case, e. g. if it is electronic smog, ask for/call the light which is „appropriate/good/helpful for protection against computer - radiationg and so on.



b. You can also imagine that you are the Self (Atman, Brahman) and manifest the light / bright aspects of this Brahman which contains everything and which transform everything into light and in which there is nothing but light. 


- Imagine the inner equivalent to the outer all - embracing source of light and let the power/force of this „outerg source radiate from this inner center. At the same time, all cells react accordingly, that means that they are radiating as well. Perceive this or imagine this.

You can either imagine a concrete source of light like a star or a star constellation [the Taoists, for example, use the Big Dipper and the Pole Star (North Star)], but you can also imagine the self, the divine in itfs manifestation as light which radiates and permeates and awakens every cell of your body to life, feeds it and renews it and which transforms any radiation which is experienced as „negativeg.)



Please also avoid energy congestion. Distribute the energy in your entire body and in the entire energy field. If, in the beginning, there should be headache, please proceed more slowly. In general it could be advisable to contact an energy - teacher.




3. Protection by changing the structure or influence of the gproblematich device or the energy of/from that device



4. Protection by Sounds


a. Machines


Such a machine producing sounds as a protection against electronic smog is described in a book by Ellen Grasse (Grasse, Ellen: Chakren- und Auradiagnose. Krankheiten erkennen und heilen durch Energiearbeit. München: Droemer Knaur 1993. [Knaur Alternativ heilen] (ISBN 3-426-76007-X), but it may be that she does not recommend that special device any longer. [Ellen Grassefs second book, not in print any longer, is also worth reading if interested in adequate nutrition.]


b. Your own music or voice


aa) In some religious traditions, music or sounds have got a special meaning, for example the mantras.


A special theory which is rooted in Zoroastrism is called the gManthravany therapyh (I am not sure if I have spelled that correctly, would have to check it.). You use your voice to heal by using certain sounds.


bb) Be creative and think on your own.


(e. g. change the atmosphere of a room or certain place, the energy of your bodies, use it to transform the sub - molecular structure of a technical device like a computer respectively the structure of its energy and so on – be it by sound or other means)



5. Talk to or with the device


a. see 4


b. Talk to or with the device. If it is your computer, excuse for any misuse that might have happened to the computer and assure the computer that from now on it will be only used for healthful, good purposes. Ask the computer or the atoms of the computer.



6. Make the device a transformator station for good energy. You can transform somehow transmitting stations and perhaps even high - tension transmission lines so that it distributes an energy that oscillates in a healthier way.



7. Protection by Symbols


a. Symbols


There are some symbols that will protect you from electronic radiation (e. g. TV). If you know me, I might perhaps be able to let you have one.


b. Words


Written (or spoken) words can work in a similar way. They can be like doors, by the way.


c. Radionic Rates


If you would like to have more information on radionics, I have got some here in English. [Ehmc I donft know what else to say here without research or getting my books etcc]



8. Or: just leave to the Himalaya or another clean and healthy place, live naturally and follow the path of life.




III. As for an Explanation; Tests



1. Explanation


The principles why all this works is very simple, but I did not take the time to explain it here. - Anyhow, a very interesting book is


 Emoto, Masaru: The Message from Water (e. g. ISBN 3896870262). (, it is in English and Japanese, and he has written a lot of Japanese books. Also interesting might be (- there also seems to be a CD, Message from the Water, ISBN 3936862494).


If you read this or similar books and imagine that the biggest part of our bodies consists of water, then you also might get an idea of all that.



2. Tests


Here you find a test I made with a friend, you can try using the same colours as we did (on March 11th, 2001).


We have tested some of the methods above by using the kinesiological muscles tests.


For protection, we used


- Raymaster


- „Elektrosmog - Schutz - Ampulle gegen Elektrosmog jeglicher Artg (ESA) and

Super - Ampulle (Lebensenergieampulle, LEA), i. e. the ampullae mentioned above


- Light





I. Life Energy of A

Originally (beginning of test)


96 %


In front of the television set


35 %



with Raymaster

97 %



with ESA

99 %



with LEA

100 %



with ESA a. LEA together.

100 %


With (German) mobile phone


13 %



with Raymaster

65 %



Raymaster removed

 25 %



with ESA

77 %



with LEA

99 %



with ESA a. LEA together

100 %




76 %




100 %




100 %



white (imagined as composed of all cours)



100 %



Rainbow colour

100 %



Priority of one of these colours: gold, violet, white (as above), rainbow colour

No priority (same quality)



Method II. 2. b. with affirmation

„Ich bin strahlendes Lichtg

(„I am radiating lightg – „radiatingg in German as an adjective, gI am radiant light.h)




100 %



Affirmation with conversation at the same time


70 %







(Because the tested person had been balanced because of a seminary that he participated in the days before, we measured the interference field energy affecting the tested person under II.)


I. Life energy of B

Starting point (after a seminary)


100 %


In front of television set


94 %



with Raymaster

100 %



with each ampulla for itself

100 %


With mobile phone

with devices

100 %










In front of television set


94 %





II. a) Interference field affecting B

By television set


86 %

(affecting  A)



86 %)


By mobile phone


90 %


(affecting  A)



88 %)

b) compensation of this interference energy



In front of television set



by Raymaster



94, 6 %




95, 5 %




96, 9 %








71, 6 %




100 %




100 %



white as carrier of all rainbow colours


100 %



rainbow colour

100 %



gold speckled (sparkled) with violet


100 %






Using Handy

no difference




bei Entsprechung/as light energy moon


85, 3 %



bei Entsprechung/ own light supported by sun



100 %


[I am not sure at the time of typing this what I meant with gEntsprechungh. Translated, it means ganalogonh, ganalogyh, gcorrespondenth, gcounterparth, gequivalenth.Maybe, in this context, something like gas beforeh ?]



III. Can balancing/compensation be automated ?


It seems as if the application of the light tecquniques can be made to work automatic. The kinesiological test shows (but as the test has shown, it may vary from person to person) the following results: 


.Can it be automated ?

In the case of  B by mental call

once a day, at sunrise, before breakfast









In the case of A

- once a day:

after dinner

before midnight

at sunset



- when living at a place especially exposed to mobile phone transmission pole radiation


Living in ***

at testing time:

after second installation for mobile phone transmission















three times a day

refresh each one and a half hours




Addendum: Protection against VHF - transmission - station on a mountain (Friday, 16. 3. 2001)


The feeble reaction as to a VHF - transmission - station on a mountain has been compensated by letting flow in the „appropriateg, „necessaryg colour. The same method worked in the case of using a mobile phone. 


Certain symbols can also help, if they are fixed on the problematic device or if one carries them close to the body..



C. And as an addition:


You can also remove the defects from dental fillings (but if you should have amalgam fillings, please talk to someone who knows, because it may be very dangerous removing them without special measures).


The following method was applied to already carefully selected fillings:


The negative effects of a dental filling made of plastic had been removed by the test person by letting in violet light and telling the filling and the atoms out of which it consisted that they would have to fulfill a task, that they were welcome to achieve their own aim and under these circumstances would be asked to behave themselves conforming to the body and not to damage or do harm to the body.




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